Authoritative Court denies FBME application for an order

The Central Bank of Cyprus said that the Administrative Court dismisses an ex parte application documented by FBME Bank for an order against the supervisory power’s December 21, 2015 choice to disavow loan specialist’s Cyprus branch permit.

“The court said in its deciding that FBME neglected to substantiate its affirmations for suspending the Central Bank of Cyprus’ choice, while it noticed that the Central Bank of Cyprus’ choice to deny FBME’s permit was sensible,” a representative of the bank supervisors said in an emailed conversation on Thursday.

The Central Bank of Cyprus reported its choice to renounce the managing an account permit of FBME, the Tanzania-based moneylender, ten days after it forced a €1.2m fine referring to the bank’s inability to agree to hostile to government evasion directions. The U.S. Money Crimes Enforcement Network, a division of the Department of Treasury reaffirmed in March its choice to prohibit the nation’s banks from opening or keeping up reporter accounts with the bank it blamed for managing Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant band connected to terrorism.

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The regulatory court is in control in settling bodies of evidence including objections against authoritative bodies. Its decisions can be tested at the Supreme Court.


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